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Robin Borneman is a Dutch Singer, Producer & Storyteller. His original music is rich and full of meaning, poetry and symbolism. His distinctive voice has been described as sounding "desperate but beautiful". Borneman has steadily built up a totally unique and diverse musical heritage with his Cinematic sound, incorporating pre-pop/rock music styles such as Folk, Blues, Americana, and classical (film) music.

Inspired by great American songwriters such as Tom Waits, Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan, as a teenager he began performing on the Dutch singer-songwriter scene. He self-released none less than five albums before the age of 25. He started to get nationwide attention when his sixth album 'Home' (2012) sold so many copies that he landed a first spot as a self-releasing artist in several music stores around the country.

His fame began to spark on the other side of the world in 2013 when he was discovered on YouTube by the great late producer Paul O’ Neill; founder of the American Symphonic Rockband 'Trans-Siberian Orchestra' (TSO), who was so impressed by Robin’s ‘whiskey-voice’ that he promptly offered him a solid spot in the band. From that year on, Borneman’s been touring with TSO several months each year; performing for millions of people in arenas all over the US, Canada and Europe. Rocking a crowd of 80.000 people at Wacken Open Air in Germany in 2015 was one of the many highlights. 

In 2014 he got signed by recordlabel Kroese Records, and worked intensively for over six years to write, record and release his musical trilogy 'Folklore'. Here, his storytelling in music came out in full as 'Folklore' is a unique, cinematic epic about the journeys of a nameless Ranger. It contains dark ballads, fully orchestrated rocksongs, spoken word, classical string arrangements; all tied together by Robin's dynamic singing. ‘Folklore I: The Waving Days’ came out in 2015, followed up by ‘Folklore II: The Phantom Wail’ in 2017 and 'Folklore III: The Cradle Tree' in 2019. All three albums have received unanimous acclaim by both fans and critics. In 2020, Robin released a compilation album: 'Echoes: A Home Recording Collection', featuring ten songs that he recorded in his early years. This release concludes his time as a folksinger-songwriter and he's setting up the board for a new game.

In 2021 he wins the Dutch Television show 'We Want More' and Robin becomes known to a wider audience in his home country. He then releases a new single 'Remember' online that has a remarkably fresh, more pop-oriented, sound.

Robin has a growing following and, thanks to their loyal support, has established himself as a solo-artist despite having little radio or music video support.

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